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MetaSystems Hard & Software GmbH

MetaSystems - More than 35 Years of Experience with Microscope-Based Imaging.

Since 1986, MetaSystems has been producing state-of-the-art software for microscopy automation at its German headquarters. With now 7 locations, more than 11,000 installations and more than 2,500 customers, MetaSystems is present worldwide. The product names Metafer and Ikaros stand for reliability and quality in over 100 countries. One of our main markets is clinical cytogenetics, and our products have been optimized over many years and in cooperation with our users.

Artificial intelligence opens unimagined possibilities for image analysis. The Ikaros karyotyping software uses a patented method to generate karyogram suggestions fully automatically from unprocessed metaphases, which can be edited interactively by the expert. This eliminates many manual steps and can reduce processing time by up to 50 %.

MetaSystems is proud to offer its cytogenetics customers not only outstanding imaging software, but complete laboratory solutions. The Neon module, which is integrated into all of our products, handles all image and case management and ensures the safe and efficient processing of data at every step of the workflow. In doing so, Neon communicates with existing data systems, automates many of the tasks required for processing, and provides each user the information that is necessary in the respective work step.

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