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QIAGEN Digital Insights, the bioinformatics business of QIAGEN, is the leading provider of genomic and clinical knowledge, analysis and interpretation tools and services for scientists and clinicians. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, 90,000 users worldwide, over 100,000 citations in scientific papers, more than 3 million profiled patient cases and over 40 billion scientific data points. Discover our portfolio of expertly curated genomic and clinical knowledge solutions as well as bioinformatics software and services for efficient data management, sharing and actionable insights.  
“QIAGEN CLC Genomics Workbench Premium is much faster, more accurate, greener and cheaper than previous data-analysis and visualization solutions,” said Dr. Jonathan Sheldon, Senior Vice President of QIAGEN Digital Insights. “Thanks to LightSpeed’s ground-breaking technology, WGS analysis is extremely fast, beats most other FASTQ to VCF workflows on accuracy, uses less power and requires no investments in new hardware or software licenses beyond CLC.” 
QDI’s investment in the LightSpeed technology is ideally suited to NGS areas such as neonatal screening for hereditary diseases or large population-genomics studies in which speed and cost are priorities. This enhancement in CLC Genomics secondary analysis software demonstrates QIAGEN’s continued leadership and commitment to targeted growth areas, including WGS and WES.